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Joy poem JAWS


Joy of the soul when the Jaws music comes.

Joy of the bloody horror on the screen.

Joy of the screaming and swimming away from the shark.

Joy of the shark sinking the boat.

Joy of the final scene.

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100 word challenge


As the door slammed i knew my sister was having a tantrum. I knew it in this house she always has a tantrum because she does not get the food she wants. Or if she is just in a bad mood that is most of the time. But this time she was angry because she could not have desert because she had to have vegetables and those vegetables are Brussels sprouts. I ate them they were disgusting I was about to vomit. But lucky I did not so now you know why the door slammed and who slammed the door.

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100 word challnge


There I was looking at the crime in a century. An old farmer murdered stuck upside down in a little dam it was so sad because he was my dad I needed to find the murder. So I went  looking for along time. 1 week asking everyone going around time passed. 10 years later I knew were the murder lived so I went there it took along time because he live in Russia so I went to the air port I got on my plane as were lifting off I looked out the window. I saw a fighter jet beside the plane.

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100 word challenge


On the holidays I went my friends farm it was really fun because we caught frogs and did lots of other stuff. Then he came to my house and we went to the wave pool the  played a lot. My holidays were very fun and i did not have a chance to go motorbike riding but it was still really fun. But I also watched lots of movies like baby driver, hit man’s bodyguard and Baywatch they were all really good movies and I strongly recommend them.That did not sum up my holidays but it had some really important bits.

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100 word challenge


So what lies ahead of us. There he was the mighty white rhino but to the left of the eye I saw poaches. I got out my rifle I sent them a warning shot the rhino was still asleep they ran toward it the rhino woke up and it ran but there were baby rhinos I tried to defend and I hoped the rhino thought I was a friend but I was really lucky  because the rhino let me come closer. The poacher was really good at shooting but he got eaten by a anaconda and the rhino was safe.


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100 word challenge


There I was playing my best game of golf so far I got 3 birdies and a hole in one baby. I walked around I found a golf cart. I was surprised because we hired a private golf course I looked around I saw a shoe with to dug out foot prints. I called over my friends over they looked they said it was Charlie he was the creator of golf. This was his favorite course but one day he got the impossible hole in one so the golf gods made him stuck and eaten by the alligators. There’s his shoe.


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100 word challenge


I loved the museum I went there with my friends but before that I went museum everyday birthdays and his favorite part was the bones. But one day he went to the museum  then suddenly the it went dark and I freaked out I could not see any thing. I tried to walk around but I bumped in to someone but then they got taken away. I was scared it came a little lighter and the museum was moving the bug animals and bones. It was so cool but what took the man away. I thought for a little while.

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100 word challenge


I was in the Amazon I was cutting bushes in my way and I was her with my friend Matt as said that a giant anaconda. As it came rushing towards us we ran the anaconda came rushing to us s but we kept running. Soon there was a cliff we did no know what to do and we were tired but the anaconda was in the trees somewhere we had no choice but to jump so we jump the anaconda went down with us it was a very big drop. We were about to land in the water.

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My Forever Home



1. A scruffy big eared cat.

2. Describing it was scruffy it was stray.

3. He was insulted about his big ears.

4. He had grown from a kitten with big ears  to a cat.

5. Grown up to be great full to its family.



1. From the start he was not as intelligent as when he grow up.

2. From the start he did not know what a house was but at the end he knew a lot more.

3. The cat was a kitten so not much but the kid would have some more and the parents would know a lot more than the other two.

4. The kitten would not but with assistance yes.

5. That you could have a forever home.



1. Happy.

2.  It is happy to having a family.

3. Happy how he is or having a family.

4. Getting interested.



1. happy and social to others.

2. Because there the first people he sees.

3. The top of the social order.

4. He gets a home.



1. Good with a family.

2. The way he was a kitten to a stray kitten to a cat.

3. It does not affect any thing.

4. He gets more attached to the humans.

5. Yes.


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100 word challenge


There I was on the shore laughing at my friend Jaws. He could not get on the shore because he was a fish, not a mammal. Me and Jaws are friends because one day when I did not know Jaws a killer whale attacked my colony. We were forced to go on shore but I was still out there but Jaws came and killed the killer whale. Jaws led the seal colony to the shore and we instantly became friends. Jaws told me he was vegan  and he only ate sea weed. When  he said  I am vegan I laughed.

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