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100 word challenge


As the door slammed i knew my sister was having a tantrum. I knew it in this house she always has a tantrum because she does not get the food she wants. Or if she is just in a bad mood that is most of the time. But this time she was angry because she could not have desert because she had to have vegetables and those vegetables are Brussels sprouts. I ate them they were disgusting I was about to vomit. But lucky I did not so now you know why the door slammed and who slammed the door.

100 word challnge


There I was looking at the crime in a century. An old farmer murdered stuck upside down in a little dam it was so sad because he was my dad I needed to find the murder. So I went  looking for along time. 1 week asking everyone going around time passed. 10 years later I knew were the murder lived so I went there it took along time because he live in Russia so I went to the air port I got on my plane as were lifting off I looked out the window. I saw a fighter jet beside the plane.

100 word challenge


On the holidays I went my friends farm it was really fun because we caught frogs and did lots of other stuff. Then he came to my house and we went to the wave pool the  played a lot. My holidays were very fun and i did not have a chance to go motorbike riding but it was still really fun. But I also watched lots of movies like baby driver, hit man’s bodyguard and Baywatch they were all really good movies and I strongly recommend them.That did not sum up my holidays but it had some really important bits.

100 word challenge


This story starts off with Scarlet she was sitting on here favorite cushion playing her annoying violin. Her mum told her to water the plants so she went out side and watered the plants. She finished the plants but she saw a plant that was never there so she went up to it and  watered the plant and it got bigger she kept watering she kept and kept watering it and over time the house became a jungle. Everything was jungle and flies became tigers rabbits became hogs. I did not know what to do. I was just to scared.

100 word challenge


Hello I am an orange crocodile and I will tell a story when I collapsed and I could not get up lets get on with the story. I was just a normal crocodile swimming in my pond in Africa when I came to the shore and I just collapsed on the shore I started to think how to get up I kept thinking for a while  how did this happen and how to fix it. then I saw so hippos come in my territory  and I had to get up soon I tried to move my legs and got up.

100 word challenge


I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting right in front of me it was a brussel sprout. I would not it for a day or a week or a month that’s how disgusting it was.  I was so disgusted I almost wanted to through up. But if I did not have it I won’t get any dessert. This was a problem that I get no dessert but I could not eat that thing. But if I wanted dessert I will have to eat it I ate it and I swallowed it. But the dessert was custard and I hate custard.

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