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BTN What is democracy


Fact 1. Democracy means to Greek words demos means people and Kratos means power or rule. 2. Past the Greeks Monarchy was very popular and a lot did not get there say but that’s when the magna carta came in. 3. Democracy is the most poplar government around the world. Questions 1. Why is democracy the […]

100 WC


There I was walking in the park as go through all the trees. When in the corner of my eye there was a new tree our the just moved! The trees were walking with there roots talking with the rustle in there trees. Was it a dream or was it real I was fascinated how […]



SRC SPEECH Hello my name is Jett and this a speech about SRC. I think I will be good to be an SRC because I am an organised and responsible person for this job. I am also good I have had one of this roles before but did not enjoy that year. I am nice […]

100 WC


We were moving very fast when the tire popped I was almost the finish line I was in shock my car was about to flip over in flipped over I hit my head and went into hospital. I had a crack in my skull and my brain was bleeding and had many fractions. I look […]



Dear Libby I am really happy to be in your class in 2018. This year is going to one of my favorite years for sure. This will be my last year and hope it will be a great year. I am Looking forward to try to learn as much as much as possible for high […]

Book review of the one and only Ivan


Ivan was taken as a baby to the big top mall just for entertainment. When he meets all his animal but sadly his life turns when Stella passed away because of her bad knee. But then Ivan wormed up to a new friend Ruby a new and he had hope to have a new home […]

100 WC


There I was in a prison. Humans as slaves. The animals adapted the worked out how fight with tools now we live in a zoo many people try to escape but every time it fails. But we had a new plan we had a lab under our cells we made a gas that makes animals […]

100 WC


There I was playing at the park as a I saw a tall dark figure in between two trees it looked at me. Its hood covered its face so I could not see. I wanted to go over to check it out but no one saw it it went passed some one that was smoking […]

Transition Session 1 – 100WC


There I was arriving at Quinn’s house and see Quinn and Ambrose for a sleep over I set up and we played out side for a little while then we set up the bedroom me and Ambrose were on the floor and Quinn was on the bed but change of plans James sleep on the […]

100 word challenge


As the bank siren rung and the police siren went I was in a van getting chased. We just successfully robed a bank and now we have to lose the cops and hide the money. As we go through the tunnel we set off the bomb to make us escape and we went to a […]

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