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There I was in a space shuttle going through a river of stars The shuttle spun around so I had to fly past a bunch of stairs. When I got up I saw a big pink star that cooked me, I was really hot and I was nervous we were getting to close. But I woke […]

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We are in science and we are playing with a flame and melting ice. really want to go home so I look at the regular clock in the science room. We move back to the class and just tasting the lime at home. I am obsessed with lime I would eat it raw anything I love lime. But […]

100 WC


It is 1969 and I am going to be the first one on earth who was on the moon. The magic door is open I jump in and it is all green and nice with hills but not as good tec as us we have already invented the iPhone X. The centre of the moon […]

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