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This session was about how to keep your online house safe. You need good privacy settings but not completely lock your account for your parents. There was an example if you get hacked and it is called ransomware. Ransom is where someone hacks your computer and asks for ransom money example if you don’t pay 0.05 bid coin your computer gets shut down for good. 0.05 bid coin is around $400 dollars. There are also random requests where some random friend requests you on a platform. It might be your friend trying to trick you but it might be a dangerous virus or hacker. If you accept they might find where you live. If you get a random message on your mobile and ask for you to calm something and go on a website that has a virus or something else dangerous for your computer. There can be hackers following you on social media. So make sure to be safe if you are public but kids that have social media should be on private. If your computer gets hacked you should back your computer usually so all your private information. You could check scam watch so you know the latest scams so you know what is coming.

Overall I learned a lot from this session and how to react to scams and other computer hackers. I think that one of the worst things that could happen to you is ransomware and being scammed. I have not lived through it but I have seen then on internet adverts. I really enjoy it and learnt a lot.

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