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Fact 1. In the old day’s aboriginals did not count as people. 2. 60 million people died in the war. 3. We celebrate the people that fort in the war for our safety. Questions 1. How did the wars start? 2. Why did the wars start? Understanding I understand why the wars started.



I am a tree and I am angry at people killing my friends. So evolved I grew legs and killed all the humans and were ruled the world But a human resistance rose from the grave and took back there world. The world was a mess so we moved to Mars and we made a […]



Facts 1. Sharks are endangered. 2. They mistake us for food. 3. some shark is nearly extinct. Questions 1. Why do people fear sharks? 2. Why do people blame sharks? Understanding 1. I understand why some people love sharks.  



One day there where these kids and the wanted to know how long did you have to run to fully charge your phone on a treadmill. They kept running to see the final charge but there was three of them. Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. They only made 15% charge. They did not […]

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