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100 WC


There was a story of a teacup and the story is me I was walking in the park and a giant teacup fell from the sky and I was confused. I was a discover and this was weird it was made out of an out of this world material and it had something in it that made the earth grow rapidly and before you not it all the pollution was turned into decomposed nutrients and then we got to work and then all the cars were electricity and petrol stations were removed and the world’s dream was a big success.

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“100 WC”

  1. March 13th, 2018 at 8:00 am      Reply libby2016 Says:

    Jett, there are some great ideas in here, but you need to revisit the piece. Look at narrowing the focus as we looked at in class. You are trying to cover a lot of ideas, but not giving the detail needed to explain what is happening fully. I look forward to reading th edited version.

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