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There I was at the base camp of Mount Everest and we were packing up our tents. We moved up the mountain and then. When we got to the top a huge snow storm and I lost my group without noticing I got to the very top and I found an someone with one leg. […]



Fact 1. You can vote when you are 18 2. Bill Shorten wants 16 and 17 years to vote too. 3. Bill thinks 16 17-year-olds need to have a say in Australia. Questions 1. Why does Bill want 16 17-year-olds to vote? 3. Why do people not vote? Understanding 1. I understand why Bill wants […]

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There was a story of a teacup and the story is me I was walking in the park and a giant teacup fell from the sky and I was confused. I was a discover and this was weird it was made out of an out of this world material and it had something in it […]



Fact 1. Federal is the biggest government in Australia. 2. State territory government takes care of all the states and the two territories. 3. There are more than +500 local governments around Australia. Questions 1. Why in 1901 did they come together as a nation? 2. What reason did they come together? Understanding 1.I understand […]

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I am I the army and I am in special forces. We’re talking about the route to get to our men that have been taken, hostage. I did not really agree to the plan but in the end, it worked but I was thinking nut what if I was in charge. Then a giant boom. […]

BTN state laws


Facts 1. In the old days Australia had separate governments. 2. Some people wanted a nation wile others wanted to stay separate/ 3. Each state has there own leaders and government has there law still but we are a nation. Questions 1. Why did the other countries want to stay separate. 2. Is it hard […]

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