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100 WC


I was a weird goldfish I was brown and this is the story how I flew down slowly. My fish bowl was on a roof like I said a weird fish. When the search and rescue when them slipped and I flew looking at the ladder. Then I was i  the fish heaven. It was a cool pace it was just me in a fish bowl. Wait that was a dream and my fish bowl was on the roof. The same thing happening over and over again. I was stuck in a time loop. I was annoying. There was escape.

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“100 WC”

  1. March 1st, 2018 at 10:55 am      Reply libby2016 Says:

    I can see some great ideas developing here Jett. You need to re-read the piece aloud and work out where the punctuation should be. then it will be easier to read and follow the storyline. Keep up the good work.

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