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BTN What is democracy


Fact 1. Democracy means to Greek words demos means people and Kratos means power or rule. 2. Past the Greeks Monarchy was very popular and a lot did not get there say but that’s when the magna carta came in. 3. Democracy is the most poplar government around the world. Questions 1. Why is democracy the […]

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There I was walking in the park as go through all the trees. When in the corner of my eye there was a new tree our the just moved! The trees were walking with there roots talking with the rustle in there trees. Was it a dream or was it real I was fascinated how […]



SRC SPEECH Hello my name is Jett and this a speech about SRC. I think I will be good to be an SRC because I am an organised and responsible person for this job. I am also good I have had one of this roles before but did not enjoy that year. I am nice […]

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We were moving very fast when the tire popped I was almost the finish line I was in shock my car was about to flip over in flipped over I hit my head and went into hospital. I had a crack in my skull and my brain was bleeding and had many fractions. I look […]

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