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Archive for November, 2017

100 WC


There I was playing at the park as a I saw a tall dark figure in between two trees it looked at me. Its hood covered its face so I could not see. I wanted to go over to check it out but no one saw it it went passed some one that was smoking […]

Transition Session 1 – 100WC


There I was arriving at Quinn’s house and see Quinn and Ambrose for a sleep over I set up and we played out side for a little while then we set up the bedroom me and Ambrose were on the floor and Quinn was on the bed but change of plans James sleep on the […]

100 word challenge


As the bank siren rung and the police siren went I was in a van getting chased. We just successfully robed a bank and now we have to lose the cops and hide the money. As we go through the tunnel we set off the bomb to make us escape and we went to a […]

Joy poem JAWS


Joy of the soul when the Jaws music comes. Joy of the bloody horror on the screen. Joy of the screaming and swimming away from the shark. Joy of the shark sinking the boat. Joy of the final scene.

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