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Archive for October, 2017

100 word challenge


As the door slammed i knew my sister was having a tantrum. I knew it in this house she always has a tantrum because she does not get the food she wants. Or if she is just in a bad mood that is most of the time. But this time she was angry because she […]

100 word challnge


There I was looking at the crime in a century. An old farmer murdered stuck upside down in a little dam it was so sad because he was my dad I needed to find the murder. So I went  looking for along time. 1 week asking everyone going around time passed. 10 years later I […]

100 word challenge


On the holidays I went my friends farm it was really fun because we caught frogs and did lots of other stuff. Then he came to my house and we went to the wave pool the  played a lot. My holidays were very fun and i did not have a chance to go motorbike riding […]

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