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100 word challenge


I loved the museum I went there with my friends but before that I went museum everyday birthdays and his favorite part was the bones. But one day he went to the museum  then suddenly the it went dark and I freaked out I could not see any thing. I tried to walk around but […]

100 word challenge


I was in the Amazon I was cutting bushes in my way and I was her with my friend Matt as said that a giant anaconda. As it came rushing towards us we ran the anaconda came rushing to us s but we kept running. Soon there was a cliff we did no know what to […]

My Forever Home


Physical 1. A scruffy big eared cat. 2. Describing it was scruffy it was stray. 3. He was insulted about his big ears. 4. He had grown from a kitten with big ears  to a cat. 5. Grown up to be great full to its family.   Intellectual 1. From the start he was not […]

100 word challenge


There I was on the shore laughing at my friend Jaws. He could not get on the shore because he was a fish, not a mammal. Me and Jaws are friends because one day when I did not know Jaws a killer whale attacked my colony. We were forced to go on shore but I […]

Comments for homework


Prapti I found Prapti’s blog really interesting 1 way is how long a descriptive you were but in my opinion you should do it in points to make it easier to read. ⚽   Ayden I found Ayden’s blog Was really good and had a great try but Ayden you should make it a little longer. […]

Charles Five Fact Fiction


Fact #1 Fiction is all about a character 1. The boy seems so innocent but he is not. 2. Laurie, Charles and the wife. 3. Look like does not tell you in the story 4. Laurie is cheeky lying to his mum and dad pretending there was a Charles. 5. The first day of  school […]

100 word challenge


This story starts off with Scarlet she was sitting on here favorite cushion playing her annoying violin. Her mum told her to water the plants so she went out side and watered the plants. She finished the plants but she saw a plant that was never there so she went up to it and  watered […]

Joseph Bryant


1.  Q. Which ideas and concepts and feelings does this story help you understand? A. That Joseph Bryant had cancer and fort it for a good 3 years and you have cancer it does not mean your life would end. 2.  Q What does the author want you to talk about after reading this story? […]

100 word challenge


One day there was a boy and he loved getting pictures he was famous he was he was Arnold his new movie was released The Terminator. So he was going to a Question night with him he was driving there in is limo. While he was in there he watched the terminator the very first […]

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