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100 word challege


I was just sitting on the bench next to the milk bar and fish and chip shop. I was thinking about what to do I was going to get and news paper and a burger  so I  went to the milk bar to get the news paper and then get a burger but I had […]


 Most people like YOUTUBE nor NETFLIX


I used this graph because I think the data look best shown and you can see the percentages.  I used these two subjects because they are two popular things.

BTN Shark Science


Fact 1. Shark attacks are rare 2. Sharks have 7 senses 3. Sharks see black and white Question 1. Why do sharks see black and white 2. Why do sharks have 7 senses Understanding 1. I understand why people are testing on sharks

100 word challenge


Hello I am an orange crocodile and I will tell a story when I collapsed and I could not get up lets get on with the story. I was just a normal crocodile swimming in my pond in Africa when I came to the shore and I just collapsed on the shore I started to […]

100 word challenge


I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting right in front of me it was a brussel sprout. I would not it for a day or a week or a month that’s how disgusting it was.  I was so disgusted I almost wanted to through up. But if I did not have it I won’t get any dessert. […]

crocodile capture


Fact 1. Males  are put in Z00ies and females are put in breeding zoos 2. Never go where crocs have been removed because there is still a chance of anther croc being there. 3.  People are not happy about the removal. Question 1. Why are they moving the crocs if they might just swim back […]

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