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100 Word Challenge


Hello my name is John and I like to ride motorbikes. One day I found a car stuck in a tree. So I rode alone and it was a very old car. It look like a home made. I jumped off my motor and took a look I saw no driver so I jumped up […]

Shark Attacks BTN


Fact 1. Sharks stay in the same spot every attack. 2. After Jaws people started to realize how important sharks are. 3. You do not have to worry because shark attacks are rare Question 1. Why western Australia being targeted by the sharks. 2. Why do people hunt sharks. Understanding 1. I know why people fear […]

100 word challenge


It is the year 3017 and we recently found a fossil of to men frozen in the concrete we predict 2017 when this event happened in an 1000 year old Church. The research team is looking around every corner to close this case. One little boy ran in the church. He look at them carefully […]

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