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100 word challenge


That creature looks weird a piece bark fall it was hard and Beautiful Brown Worried as the bark fall down. He started to  run I quickly took my camera out and took some photos. As I was running I started to see more and more of them. As I ran the creatures started to get bigger them they […]

Adam Hills with Anh Do


Facts The family was welcome straight away there was no trust they just welcomed them. Anh Do had a little brother and he got the young Australian award. 3. Anh Do has been one of first Vietnam people who was a comedian Questions 1. Why did Anh Do chose to be a comedian? 2. When […]

100 word challenge


but how can something so tiny be so cool. What is it I think it is an insect but it has eight legs and a shell I called him Jimmy. He had a hard shell with bumps on it some rock fall from this tree I looked up it was in a tree. I lifted […]

BTN Australia


Fact 1. If Aiden Tasmen if he stuck around we might be speaking dutch right now. 2. Australia was claimed in 1770. 3. Most women could not vote in elections utill. Questions 1. Why did Aiden not stay to long. 2. Why did the to big countries Vic and new south wales not help the […]

(100 word challenge) That is why I am always last.


I think that I like to be last because the first person in the water or the jungle or a alien ship. These a all from Jaws, Predator and Alien there all movies and the first person going in some were something happens to them. If you go first something might go wrong or successfully […]

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