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Camp Caving


We got off the bus and started to walk when we arrived. We put our helmets on and split in two groups. Then we started to walk there was a hole it was the caves but there was a norther entrance we went the other way when we got down there the first obstacle was […]

BTN – the encounter/first fleet


Facts 1. The native people from Australia called the English ghost and boat people. 2. When the English came they introduced cows. 3. The English came in 1788 Question 1. Did the native people really have Dingoes for pets? 2. Was the cow the first introduced animal to Australia? Understanding 1. I understand why they […]

Safer internet day


today is safer internet day and we watched a safer internet day webinar they talked about a girl wanting to enter “lollylab jnr” and all her problems with being well known, like people being able to bully her. the webinar host, Greg (I think), gave us websites (https://esafety.gov.au/ and https://kidshelpline.com.au/kids/get-help/webchat-counselling/) and tips (five trusted adults, don’t trust […]



My name is Jett and I am new to 5/6 and it gets better and better. I like 5/6 because you use your computer. I like to watch movies so of my favourite franchises is Jurassic park, Alien, Predator and Jaws and some of my favourite actors are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Roy Schneider and Sigourney Weaver. […]

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